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Daniel Bettridge

Freelance writer for hire.

I write in print and online for some of the world's most prestigious media outlets; scribbling words about everything and anything from pop culture to lifestyle via fashion, food and technology.

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The Independent

Moustaches: There's no bushiness like movie bushiness

Venice, Sundance, Cannes; to the list of the world's great movie fiestas we can now add another, after it was...

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The Independent

What it takes to win a Oscar

The 84th Academy Awards are almost upon us. Tomorrow night, months of suspense, debate and discussion will give way to...

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The Independent

Cut! Why it's time to snip the bloated blockbusters

Is it just me or are films getting longer?...

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The Independent

Online movie campaigns: Time to see the bigger picture

Worldwide scavenger hunts, comic book prologues, flash-mobbing, alternate-reality games and iPhone apps – just some of the tools used by...

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The Independent

Time to call cut on long film titles

Have some sympathy for cinemagoers who make the mistake of booking their tickets over the phone in the next few...

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The Independent

The ten best toasters

Chosen by Daniel Bettridge...

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The Independent

London Independent Photography celebrates the capital's finest snappers

Eye-catching images from both amateur and professional photographers alike are currently being showcased at London Independent Photography’s 21st Annual Exhibition,...

The Independent

Why has Hollywood gone toy crazy?

Battleship launched a broadside at the UK box office last week, cruising to an impressive £3.8m haul over the course of its opening weekend . The movie has yet to open in the US but the early signs suggest that it looks like being another success story for toy manufacturers...

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The Independent

The ten best MP3 docks

Chosen by Daniel Bettridge...