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Daniel Bettridge

Freelance writer for hire.

I write in print and online for some of the world's most prestigious media outlets; scribbling words about everything and anything from pop culture to lifestyle via fashion, food and technology.

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Open uri20140730 15933 1fjutr0 article

25 Future Stars Who Appeared on 'Seinfeld' | Mental Floss

25 Future Stars Who Appeared on 'Seinfeld' | Mental...

Open uri20131031 15673 q93vv3 article
The Atlantic

When Sci-Fi Crime-Prevention Tactics Aren't Actually That Far-Fetched

The Purge seems implausible, but according to criminologists, some sci-fi films' law-enforcement methods could be possible one day—and some are...

Open uri20140730 29370 84xb6l article
The Independent

Moustaches: There's no bushiness like movie bushiness

Venice, Sundance, Cannes; to the list of the world's great movie fiestas we can now add another, after it was...

Open uri20140227 31621 1gyd1zt article
The Week

Why Dr. Strangelove is more depressingly relevant than ever - The ...

Why Dr. Strangelove is more depressingly relevant t...

Open uri20140430 3897 13ewykk article

15 Things We Miss About Old-School Gaming | Mental Floss

15 Things We Miss About Old-School Gaming | Mental ...

Stringio article
DVD Review

How The Blair Witch Project Changed Movie Marketing Forever

15 years on, we revisit the horror classic...

Open uri20140126 10925 r6lh5l article
The Week

How The X-Files sparked a revolution in television

Today is the 20th anniversary of The X-Files' premiere. Don't forget to thank Mulder and Scully for Breaking Bad, Homeland, and more....

Open uri20140126 2619 yqiuxm article

Sherlock Season 3 Premiere Recap: Impossible Is Nothing

A bumpy reentry, but by episode’s end, things are back to normal for Holmes and Watson....

Open uri20131031 5558 1iwkqpw article

Why isn’t Robin Thicke getting more criticism after the MTV VMAs?

Miley Cyrus set tongues wagging after her sexually charged performance at Sunday night’s VMAs, and not just her own. The...

Open uri20140730 15933 wspuly article
The Week

Why Seinfeld is still master of its domain - The Week

Why Seinfeld is still master of its domain - The We...

Open uri20140515 32479 aajctp article

Guys, here's how to score high marks for grad style

With graduation celebrations on the horizon, here’s a guide to some stylish options for guys this season....

Open uri20131031 5685 prqp1r article
The Guardian

How to tell if you're watching a bad Nic Cage movie

With the release of Drive Angry 3D, Daniel Bettridge brings you a guide on how to tell if you're about...

Open uri20140730 15933 b2nrne article

Hit The Slopes In Style This Season

Get the best ski and snowboard gear for the winter so you don't feel like you're lacking on the lift....

Open uri20140515 32515 2qygdu article

Don't Let Your Nerves Get The Best Of You

Find that you're dropping the ball in high-pressure situations? Overcome your fears with these practical tips....

Open uri20131031 15673 tmnu3w article
The Independent

What it takes to win a Oscar

The 84th Academy Awards are almost upon us. Tomorrow night, months of suspense, debate and discussion will give way to...