Daniel Bettridge

Daniel Bettridge

Freelance writer for hire.

I write in print and online for some of the world's most prestigious media outlets; scribbling words about everything and anything from pop culture to lifestyle via fashion, food and technology.

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DVD Review

How The Blair Witch Project Changed Movie Marketing Forever

15 years on, we revisit the horror classic...

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DVD Review

Opinion: Are we at risk of blockbuster burnout?

Is the summer drowning in CGI?...

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DVD Review

Opinion: Why Nostalgia's Big Business for Hollywood

Are Battleship, Transformers et al a good thing?...

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DVD Review

29 films that predicted the future

From reel to real…....

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DVD Review

Opinion: Is this summer's box office bomb-proof?

Is marketing winning out over quality?...

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DVD Review

Opinion: Do we put too much importance on trailers?

Pre-teasers, teasers, TV spots, full trailers etc etc...

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DVD Review

How To Survive Final Destination

Not so fast, Death......

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DVD Review

Opinion: Where Are All The Wonder Women?

One Total Film writer makes the case for female-led superhero movies......